Dialogic Reading course for Teachers and Parents.
4 lessons, 2 hours each (participants can interact directly with the teacher for personalized questions).
The course is Online.
Fee: US$ 350.00
Duration: 4 days, two hours per day
Course dates: 
Option A: 26-29 September 2022. Starts at 10AM, Eastern Time 
Option B: 24-27 October 2022. Starts at 10AM, Eastern Time 
Please note: given the significant number of registrations, please confirm your registration as soon as possible.

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Essential Information
This course was developed by DMA Education to provide teachers with a complete overview of the practice of Dialogic Reading and answer, whenever possible, to direct questions or doubts.
The course is suitable both for teachers facing Dialogic Reading for the first time and for those teachers that already have knowledge of Dialogic Reading. Parents are welcomed as well. DMA Education is currently running the course with the novelist who helped us develop the contents of this website. Participating to this course is an interesting occasion to talk directly with a novelist who successfully published children’s books in multiple countries, who has developed a Dialogic Reading program and was entrusted by a publishing house to develop a Dialogic Reading series of books for children. The course includes a teaching part and a part in which it is possible to ask direct questions or address specific topics that are worth sharing with other participants. The course is in English language.

Topics of the course
– Understanding Dialogic Reading
– The practice of Dialogic Reading
– Choosing the right books
– Illustration and Dialogic Reading
– Text and Dialogic Reading
– Working with children from 3 to 5 years
– Working with children from 5 to 8 years
– Working with children from 8 to 12 years
– Operative framework of Dialogic Reading activities
– A practical guide to teaching using Dialogic Reading
– Evaluating Dialogic Reading’s effectiveness
– Dialogic Reading essentials 
– Learning disabilities and Dialogic Reading
– Multiculturalism and Dialogic Reading
– Suggestions for a classroom discussion
– Building children’s vocabulary
– Children’s language and literacy
– Influence of Dialogic Reading in children’s growth
– Stretching words and concepts
– Working on imagination as a means of understanding the world
– The development of relational skills
– Sarcasm and the meaning of words
– Evaluating the physical interaction with the book
– Relating the environment to Dialogic Reading
– Implementing Dialogic Reading

Handouts, material, books
During the course, technical handouts are provided. When reference texts are used for discussion or analysis, participants are required to purchase them from major online bookstores (maximum 2 books).

Certificate of participation
At the end of the course an official certificate of participation is provided by the publishing house.

How can this course help me?
The course is a must for anyone who wants to fathom and understand Dialogic Reading. This practice is progressively becoming a worldwide essential, it is used by teachers and parents in many countries of the world, it has been extensively studied at academic level for at least two decades since it was introduced in the ’90s. Dialogic Reading proved useful in developing children’s vocabulary, understanding of the surrounding world, developing behaviour and relations. It proved useful also as a supporting activity for children with learning disabilities. Teachers and educators can benefit greatly from this practice, even more so after having discussed all aspects and rules with a professional novelist with a proven experience and knowledge in this activity.

Registration and payment
To register you have to pay 50% of the course fee, while the remaining balance must be paid the day before the beginning of the course.
You can pay by clicking on this Paypal link: Don’t have Paypal? Don’t worry, write us to book your course and we’ll send you the invoice and credit card or transfer payment instructions. 
Please note: given the significant number of registrations, please confirm your registration as soon as possible.
Participants must provide their name and contacts via e-mail. you will then receive confirmation of participation and invoice. The registration can be canceled up to 15 days before the date of the course, in this case you will be refunded, withholding a processing cost of US$ 20.00.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels